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What is wmiprvse.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The executable file wmiprvse.exe is a component belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and the Windows Management Instrumentation. The process file wmiprvse.exe resides in a subfolder of the Windows System folder, specifically; C:/Windows/System32/wbem/wmiprvse.exe. The program file wmiprvse.exe can run on startup or demand. It is chiefly up to the users if they want to allow the process wmiprvse.exe to launch during the Windows boot up process or to access it when the need for it arises; either way, it will not have adverse effects on the normal functioning of the executable process.

The file wmiprvse.exe is classified as system process by Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It is deemed as a background process since it does not show evidence of itself when it runs in the computer system; only by peeking into the Windows Task Manager will the user know for sure if the process is actually running. The recent version of the executable file wmiprvse.exe on the Windows XP SP2 platform is version 5.1.2600.2180 with a file size of approximately 218112 bytes. As a precaution, users are advised to screen the file wmiprvse.exe with an updated anti-malware utility to check its authenticity as some malware have the ability to pose as the process file. Users are also advised not to tamper with the process file wmiprvse.exe in any way or to remove it from the computer system as it is an important component of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

The background process wmiprvse.exe deals with the Windows Management Instrumentation operations via the executable process WinMgmt.exe. To better understand the operations of the process, users have to first understand the operations of the WMI and the WinMgmt.exe. In the earlier versions of Windows OS, providers were loaded by the WinMgmt.exe in-process, running or operating under LocalSystem Security Account. If a provider fails, the whole WMI service will also fail and the succeeding request to the WMI will restart the whole service. To avoid the hassle, Microsoft made the WMI in Windows XP systems to be located in a shared service host along with some other services. Providers then are loaded in a separate host process which is the wmiprvse.exe process so that when a provider fails, the whole WMI service will not stop. Users need not be alarmed if they see multiple occurrences of the process file in one session under separate accounts such as NetworkService, LocalSystem or LocalService, as that is normal.

Author: Microsoft Corp..

Author URL:

Part Of: Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Windows Management Instrumentation

Memory Usage: Low. The file consumes 789 kilobytes of physical RAM and virtual memory resources when running.

System Process: Yes

Application: No

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Windows\System32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe

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