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What is wltray.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The program file wltray.exe also goes by the process name Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Tray Applet. The wltray.exe is a component of the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility and the Dell Wireless WLAN Card. The file wltray.exe is instantly installed in the computer system when users install the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility and the Dell Wireless WLAN Card. The default location for the wltray.exe executable has been found to be in the Windows System folder: C:/Windows/Systems32/wltray.exe. The executable file wltray.exe loads the system tray icon for the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility which is a utility for managing the Dell Wireless WLAN Card in Dell desktops and laptops. The file wltray.exe also provides supplementary and additional diagnostics and configuration settings for the Dell WLAN Card.

The Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility which utilizes the wltray.exe process allows users to perform a number of network operations. It allows management of wireless networks and creation of network connection profiles in the Wireless Networks Tab. Through the Utility icon, users can connect to the available networks. In the Link Status Tab, users can acquire information pertaining to network statistics, network noise and signal and network connection status. Via the Site Monitor Tab, users can identify which broadcasting networks are in their range and look for networks that does not broadcast. In the Diagnostics tab of the utility, users can perform tests on the wireless network adapter installed and in the Information Tab; users can obtain information about the following: version info on hardware, the utility, software and details about the location of the user's wireless network adapter.

The wltray.exe process file has several observed file sizes on the Windows XP platform, among these are: 1347584 bytes which comprise 23% or all instances, 1384448 bytes, 21504 bytes, 651368 bytes, 667788 bytes, 634982 bytes, 1282048 bytes, 1273856 bytes, 696422 bytes, 778348 bytes, 778318 bytes, 647272 bytes, 1236992 bytes, 667756 bytes, 1392640 bytes, 868461 bytes and 696425 bytes in the remaining 77% of all instances. Though the wltray.exe process is not a Windows system file and it has the capability to monitor the applications used by the user, it is part of the normal functioning of the file so users need not panic about its authenticity. Windows automatically launches the wltray.exe program file upon startup via the registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run.

Author: Dell Inc..

Author URL:

Part Of: Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility and Dell Wireless WLAN Card

Memory Usage: Low, the file uses around 428 kilobytes of the computer system's memory resources when in use.

System Process: Yes

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: Yes, because the process is a part of the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility and Dell Wireless WLAN Card.

Common Path: C:\Windows\Systems32\wltray.exe

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