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What is winkey.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The Process file winkey.exe is an executable file that is incorporated with the Copernic WinKey application which is used to map out Windows key hotkey combinations. The file winkey.exe is a process file that is associated with the WinKey Software which is started automatically from a Run, Run Once, Run Services, or Run Services Once entry in the registry.

The file winkey.exe has an icon placed on the system tray that is capable of displaying a visible window that can be is accessed by clicking the icon. When activated, the file winkey.exe will open an active window with interactive buttons that allows the user to adjust keyboard properties and configuration settings, configure the hotkey combinations for windows. The WinKey software that houses the file winkey.exe is commonly known as Copernic WinKey software and is located in [% C: /Program Files /winkey.exe %].

The winkey.exe is a program that is associated with Microsoft Windows Operating System and it only consumes 1089024Bytes of virtual memory. It is safe for the winkey.exe to run during startup but it is still up to the user if he/she wants to enable or disable it during startup if it is necessary for the end user to operate the Win Key configuration hotkeys. It is also safe for the winkey.exe file process to be left to reside in the system because there are no reports that the particular program winkey.exe had conflicted with other device drivers and Windows Core files.

The Copernic WinKey Application, which houses the process file winkey.exe, is a windows enhancement or "tweak" for the user to configure different types of hotkey strokes for faster and easier execution of programs or commands.

Copernic Incorporated is a company responsible for manufacturing the process file winkey.exe and is a leading provider of search technology software for both the web and desktop space delivered through its online properties including and The company provides online advertising to its huge group of partnerships worldwide through its well recognized media post channels.


Author URL:

Part Of: Win Key application

Memory Usage: Low. The winkey.exe process uses approximately 140KB of RAM or virtual memory.

System Process: Yes

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: Yes, the process file winkey.exe is related to the keyboard input hardware.

Common Path: [% C: \Program Files\COPERNIC \winkey.exe %]

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