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What is tunebite.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process tunebite.exe uses a technically optimized process that re-records your copy-protected files and legally converts them to a new format of your choice. This process releases your music and videos from Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection.

The program tunebite.exe uses High-speed Dubbing technique or HSD that accelerates the recording step by a certain factor comprised by the number of used recording slots (virtual sound card drivers) and an acceleration factor per slot. It is equipped with a handy feature called Find DRM that speeds up searching of your copy protected-files saved in your music service folder.

The tunebite.exe application has pre-defined profiles that allow you to choose adequate formats for your specific devices. Its Stream Capture function provides downloading and saving of streaming media. By default, the program tunebite.exe opens a direct HTTP connection to the supported streaming websites.

In addition to the standard playback controls found on common audio players, the application tunebite.exe provides you with a list of the music you have downloaded, as well as track-specific information. It lets you play and edit your new music tracks, as well as view the results of the download and converting process.

The most common occurrence of tunebite.exe file is 1212505 bytes, 40% of its total occurrence on Windows XP. Other known file sizes are 1531996 bytes, 1957977 bytes, 2703360 bytes, and 4931584 bytes. The tunebite.exe file is normally located in a subfolder of C:/Program Files/Rapid solution/Tunebite/. Its most current file version is 5,0, 322,0.

There is an icon for the program tunebite.exe on the system taskbar next to the clock. It displays a visible window and has the ability to monitor applications. The file tunebite.exe is a non-Windows component.

RapidSolution Software AG developed and published the software Tunebite. VeriSign Class 3 Code signing 2004 CA issued a digital certificate to the company to ensure that the program tunebite.exe came from the publisher and protects the software from alteration after publication.

Author: RapidSolution Software AG.

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Tunebite

Memory Usage: Medium since it uses 1184 KB of RAM resources.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\Rapid solution\ Tunebite\ tunebite.exe

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