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What is tc.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The tc.exe is a program file that is related with the TimeCalendar. The tc.exe is an executable file that primary functions as a program launcher of the application TimeCalendar. The executable file tc.exe supports the application TimeCalendar in providing users with simple UI for time scheduling. The program tc.exe has an icon placed on the system tray, which the user can access, once accessed; the icon of the process tc.exe displays a visible window. The visible window of the tc.exe allows the user to view the time calendar manager, an active window that the user may check the status of the application or re-configure the settings of the software.

The application TimeCalendar houses the file tc.exe and is located in "C:/Program Files/TimeCalendar/TC.exe". The program tc.exe automatically runs at Windows startup and can also be manually operated if the process is required. The process tc.exe is not associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system, though the file tc.exe is a safe component to your system and there is no need to remove this process if your system uses TimeCalendar software.

The TimeCalendar, where the file tc.exe belongs, is an all-in-one organizer tool that functions as a digital planner, calendar and alarm clock based on a calendar view. The application TimeCalendar allows users to schedule an alarm for appointments, birthdays, events, and holidays, and users can choose a view that displays schedules for a single day to an entire year. With the tool TimeCalendar, users can add and edit single and recurring events and set alarms for these events. It also allows users to split everyday planning into different layers to be shared with other users. The TimeCalendar software has a powerful navigation that allows users to scan the entire year of the scheduled calendar view, for as short as one minute. The TimeCalendar application must be running for the scheduled alarm to work. The program file tc.exe was developed by Reine Saljo for the application TimeCalendar.

Author: Reine Saljo.

Author URL: http://

Part Of: TimeCalender

Memory Usage: Low. The program tc.exe uses approximately 140KB of RAM or virtual memory when the application TimeCalendar operates.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: [% C:\Program Files\TimeCalendar\TC.exe %]

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