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Windows Process Description:

Known also as Microsoft Sticky Notes, the STIKYNOT.EXE file comes bundled with machines that run on the MS Windows Vista operating system. The STIKYNOT.EXE process is incorporated on the system in order for users to make use of a feature similar to "Post-It" on the computer.

The execution of the file STIKYNOT.EXE launches the utility provided by Microsoft on its MS Windows Vista OS versions. The STIKYNOT.EXE process calls upon the other constituent processes of the MS Windows tool so as to provide users with the full range of its functions. The STIKYNOT.EXE can be executed in order to launch the program by double-clicking on it, but a shortcut icon can also be found on the Start Menu< Programs< Accessories list.

The process stikynot.exe is written by the eTablet team of Microsoft and it has a file size of 159232Kb. The STIKYNOT.EXE is found in the Systems folder. The program housing the STIKYNOT.EXE process along with its other correspondent files is relatively a new MS Windows system application since it also belongs to the new MS Windows Vista operating system versions. The STIKYNOT.EXE process runs during boot time, but the user can customize this option in order to conserve physical RAM and virtual memory resources in case the user frequently makes use of applications that heavily demand memory resources.

Recommendations: This file is a safe process. There is no need to alter or change the file in any way.

Author: Microsoft Corp..

Author URL:

Part Of: Windows Vista

Memory Usage: high since this executable file and the program housing it uses around 1.5Mb worth of physical RAM and OS-allotted virtual memory resources, which is usual for similarly new highly interactive programs.

System Process: Yes

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\System\

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