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What is sidebar.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process sidebar.exe is part of the Windows Sidebar application for Windows Vista developed by Microsoft Corporation. The sidebar.exe process is a Microsoft application launcher for Windows Sidebar.

The file sidebar.exe is included in the Windows Vista operating system installer. Once installed, the file will be located under the location C:/Program Files/Windows Sidebar/and will be included in your startup group. The process sidebar.exe will have a startup registry value of "Sidebar" under the location HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/.

Once active, the application has a total RAM and virtual memory allocation of 352KB and has a visible window once the operating system boots.

The Windows Sidebar is part of the desktop utility which is included in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The panel is for Desktop Gadgets that can be downloaded at and is located usually on the right side of the Windows Vista Desktop. Gadgets have different functions and the ones included in the Sidebar displays the time and date, CPU usage, Windows Media Player, and a slideshow of images in your "My Pictures" folder.

Microsoft Windows Vista incorporates a total of level sidebar gadgets by default namely: Clock, Calendar, Contacts, CPU Meter, RSS Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle, Notes, Stocks, Weather, and Currency Conversion. All of these gadgets can be uninstalled when the user deems it necessary. An option is also available to bring back uninstalled gadgets.

The Windows Sidebar can also be personalized with different skins and themes, gadgets can be added or disabled when user deems it necessary. Customization for Windows Sidebar includes: hiding the sidebar on system tray, moving across desktop, stay on top of applications, and customizing keyboard shortcuts for gadgets.

The process sidebar.exe is not a required system component for Windows Vista, and disabling the said process does not affect the overall function of the operating system.

Author: Microsoft Corporation.

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista

Memory Usage: Low. The process has a total RAM and virtual memory allocation of 352KB when active in your system.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\

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