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What is progmon.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The progmon.exe process file belongs to the Program Monitor Software. This application kills programs and it cannot be bypassed even if the .exe is renamed. The file progmon.exe is the main executable file for the program Monitor application. It works with vdsrun50.dll, the runtime library for the progmon.exe process; progmon.all , which is the list for the denied applications that is applied for all the users; and progmon.stu which is a list of the denied applications for students.

The progmon.exe process is executed from a server by a login script and can also be installed locally if you want to run it in a network drive. When running the progmon.exe application you can choose the 'progmon install' option is you want to only copy the necessary files to a Windows directory in your local hard drive. The actual monitoring is not started yet. You can also set the progmon.exe file to run automatically upon start-up by choosing the 'progmon install enable' option which copies the necessary files to your hard drive and enables right away the application so that monitoring is started by adding in the registry a run entry, letting the Program Monitor application run automatically upon start up.

The Program Monitor application monitors every 30 seconds for applications that you want specifically denied. It also kills program even if the exe file name is altered. The program goes on for 5 minutes which is 10 cycles of polling. It will then review the denied list if it has been updated. The executable process progmon.exe has only been run on NT based computer systems particularly on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The publisher of the progmon.exe process is Charles Hucks. The Program Monitor application is still being worked on by Charles Huck for further improvement. Currently, the program Monitor application is being used in three high schools.

The progmon.exe process uses 216 KB of memory resources. The Program Monitor can be downloaded for free at The progmon.exe file has no known file location as it can be found a specified folder that you choose. The process file progmon.exe is not a central part fo Windows.

Author: Charles Hocks.

Author URL:

Part Of: Program Monitor

Memory Usage: Low. The progmon.exe process uses around 216 KB of RAM resources

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: Since the progmon.exe file is the launches the Program Monitor application, the progmon.exe process is found in the folder that you specified upon saving or downloading.

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