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What is perl.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The perl.exe file is part of the POPFile program which can be downloaded for free.

The perl.exe process is not a core system process. There are currently no known reports of any malicious activity by the perl.exe application. The user has to download and install the perl.exe software with full knowledge for it to be found in the system. The user has full discretion of the removal, retention or alteration of the perl.exe program.

The perl.exe software can be downloaded for free from several websites. The creator of the POPFile program does request for the users to freely donate any amount in lieu of payment. Computers that are capable of running Perl are capable of running the perl.exe application. The perl.exe program needs to have read and write access for the folder it is installed in.

The perl.exe file also needs to have access to TCP/IP ports for it to communicate between the user's e-mail client and server as well as the user's web browser to be able to display its interface. The user may need to modify his or her personal firewall to enable the perl.exe process.

POPFile works by classifying e-mail into categories that the user sets and defines. The program can sort and filter the e-mails into spam and other categories once the e-mails enter the server. The classification is done by using a simple Bayes algorithm. The program uses statistics to track certain words that are likely to appear in different categories of messages. This tracking system allows the POPFile program to adapt to the kind of e-mail the users receive. The POPFile program also has an increased ability to learn, as it is trained by the constant flow of e-mails to the user.

Once initially installed, the POPFile program has zero ability to filter e-mails. The longer the user uses the program, the user trains the software to recognize cues as to which category each e-mail belongs to. Verbal clues in the messages tell the program if an e-mail is spam or desired mail.

Author: John Graham-Cumming.

Author URL:

Part Of: POPFile

Memory Usage: Low uses approximately 257 KB of RAM.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Uses Internet: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Windows

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