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What is onenotem.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process onenotem.exe is a valid executable file. System users may choose to run or disable this program at startup. The process onenotem.exe is also known as Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Quick Launcher and is an integral part of Microsoft Office OneNote.

The purpose of the process onenotem.exe is to quickly launch Microsoft Office OneNote on user's computer. This application can be opened from user's System Tray, by clicking the Microsoft Office OneNote application icon. The onenotem.exe file is used for taking notes quickly on desktop computer or on Tablet PC.

Microsoft Office OneNote or MS OneNote is a Microsoft Office application that grabs, gathers, and organizes text, pictures, digital handwritings, and notes.

MS OneNote, the house of onenotem.exe file, is an easy to use application that makes users' files easy to access and simple to share. Users need not tediously search for information across e-mail messages, paper notebooks, printouts and file folders. MS OneNote makes it easier for users to search for information since most of it becomes readily available for MS OneNote users.

The process onenotem.exe is not a critical file and it does not pose any security threat to computer users who uses the application MS OneNote.

The process onenotem.exe is part of the note taking application MS OneNote included in MS Office 2003 applications. This program is required for the side note windows to work. Disabling, terminating or deleting the application onenotem.exe in Microsoft Office folder in Program Files directory will disable MS OneNote. It is safe to let this file run at startup.

The onenotem.exe file is located in Program Files directory, inside the Microsoft Office folder. The process onenotem.exe known file sizes ranges from 51 kilobytes to 98 kilobytes in Windows XP.

The process onenotem.exe has a visible Window and is digitally signed. The onenotem.exe file is not a Windows core file.

The onenotem.exe file is included in Microsoft Office 2003 pack.

Author: Microsoft.

Author URL:

Part Of: Microsoft Office OneNote

Memory Usage: Low. The oemonitor.exe file uses approximately 356KB of RAM.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\onenotem.exe

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