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What is netfxupdate.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The netfxupdate.exe is a program file that is related with .NET Framework. The netfxupdate.exe is an essential component of .NET Framework; it is an executable file that supports the .NET Framework in building and operating next generation software applications and web services in Windows. The netfxupdate.exe is a process associated with Microsoft Windows operating system. The netfxupdate.exe is a safe component and there is no need to terminate this process from your system.

The .NET Framework enhances the scalability and performance of the software applications in Windows. This process is Microsoft's managed code programming model in creating applications on Windows clients, servers and mobile or embedded devices. The .Net Framework enables developers to build applications including web applications, server applications, smart client applications, console applications, database applications, and other types of applications.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a component of Microsoft Windows operating system that provides a large body of pre-coded solutions to common program requirements. The .NET Framework may also function as a management process in executing programs written specifically for the Windows framework. The Microsoft offered .NET Framework to be used by new applications created for the Windows platform. The .NET Framework intends to make the developing of computer applications easier and to reduce the vulnerability of applications and the system itself to security threats.

The framework's Base Class Library (BCL) is formed by pre-coded solutions that cover several programming necessities such as user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms and network communications. Basically, the Base Class Library is used by programmers by combining their own codes and the pre-code solutions to create new applications.

The netfxupdate.exe is a program that was developed by Microsoft Corporation for the use of the process .NET Framework. The Microsoft Corporation is an international computer technology corporation that excels in the field of developing, distributing, licensing and manufacturing of software products and services.

Author: Microsoft Corporation.

Author URL:

Part Of: .NET Framework

Memory Usage: Low. The netfxupdate.exe uses approximately 120Kb of RAM or virtual memory.

System Process: Yes

Application: No

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\

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