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What is itype.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The itype.exe process is a process associated with the software for the Microsoft Intellitype Pro keyboard. The said software and hardware is produced by Microsoft Corp., a leading technology company. The process itype.exe is an application launcher for the said software. To order to initialize the software, the process itype.exe must be first initialized and the software will not work without it. It makes itype.exe process an essential part of the software. It is not though an essential process for the operating system. The process itype.exe needs to be initialized by the user for it to load so it is a user initiated process. The itype process allows the user of the Microsoft Intellitype Pro Keyboard to use its extra buttons. Without the process itype.exe, the extra button on the Microsoft Intellitype Pro keyboard will not work. It is good to take note that even without the process itype.exe; the keyboard will work just as fine but the extra buttons will be disable. This is possible since all operating system has a default driver for any keyboard. This is why any keyboard you connect to the computer works. The process itype.exe might be essential to the software for the Microsoft Intellitype Pro keyboard but it is not essential for the workings of the said keyboard. The operating system of the computer will also work well even without the process itype.exe. It is up to the user if he/she wants to use the process itype.exe and use the extra keys of the keyboard. This process can be modified to run on start up or manually load them if needs arrive.

The software is bundled software for the hardware Microsoft Intellitype keyboard. Microsoft Corp is the leading software company that gave us the popular operating system Windows and equipment. The process itype.exe also makes your keyboard easy to customize. The user can assign task or application on particular keys that are not in default of the computer.

Author: Micorsoft Corp.

Author URL:

Part Of: Microsoft Intellitype Pro keyboard software

Memory Usage: Low since the itype.exe process is a reminder program that uses about 400Kp of memory

System Process: No

Application: No

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: Yea

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\itype.exe

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