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What is hpwuschd2.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The hpwuschd2.exe process filename, as related to the hpwuschd.exe process, is also a valid and registered process filename by Hewlett Packard and is part of the HP Software Update Scheduler program. The hpwuschd2.exe process is an updated version of the hpwuschd.exe process that is installed together with the more recent versions and models of Hewlett Packard software drivers and devices. The newer Hewlett Packard printer model versions include the hpwuschd2.exe process in its driver installation. The hpwuschd2.exe process is mainly responsible for updating the user of available software or driver updates for the installed Hewlett Packard devices installed on the computer. The hpwuschd2.exe process is also responsible for tracking and monitoring on how the computer user uses the Hewlett Packard software and devices that are installed on the computer. The hpwuschd2.exe not only traces and monitors each device and software usage but also communicates and connects the Hewlett Packard website whenever the user is on the Internet to reports these information and to let the Hewlett Packard website know if there are issues such as Hewlett Packard device failure or software errors. Managing the download and installation process is also part of the features and capabilities of the hpwuschd2.exe process file. The hpwuschd2.exe process is vital to the computer system especially if Hewlett Packard devices are in use. Let the hpwuschd2.exe process run automatically so as to keep your Hewlett Packard device and software updated.

Since the hpwuschd2.exe process is an application process, it carries along with it several other process filenames that also runs on startup. It is said that during the installation of Hewlett Packard devices such as the HP PSC 1401 model, the installation will not complete unless the hpwuschd2.exe process is allowed by choosing the 'allow check for updates at each boot-up' option. Also, since the hpwuschd2.exe process periodically connects to the Internet for software and drivers updates, the hpwuschd2.exe process is very prone to system crashes, startup errors and malware misuse.

Author: Hewlett Packard Company.

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Hewlett Packard Software Update Scheduler

Memory Usage: Medium. The hpwuschd2.exe process is said to take up over 800kb of system resources while it is active.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe

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