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What is hpsysdrv.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The hpsysdrv.exe process is one of the many several process filenames registered and verified by Hewlett Packard. The hpsysdrv.exe process is part of the Hewlett Packard Monitoring Tool which is used to track and monitor the system recoveries that are done and performed in a Hewlett Packard computer system. The hpsysdrv.exe process is actually a background process that mainly is responsible for tracking the actual and total number of times the computer has undergone system restoration, including the start and end times of each restoration process. Some consider it a critical windows system process while others think it is not and could be disabled. But with further review of the process, we can determine that the hpsysdrv.exe process actually performs a very important role in the computer especially in times when the system undergoes a very critical activity which is a system restore.

The hpsysdrv.exe process; aside from keeping track of system restore times and occurrences can also help the computer's Keyboard Manager Program detect if it is a Hewlett Packard computer. The hpsysdrv.exe process also aids in the running of Application recovery discs and is accessory to the use of multimedia keys. It is also said that the hpsysdrv.exe process has something to do with the Hewlett Packard Instant Support. If a Hewlett Packard computer user calls in HP Technical Support for errors and technical assistance, the Hewlett Packard technical engineers will be asking about the hpsysdrv.exe process and will aid in the troubleshooting process by providing information that can only the Hewlett Packard Technical Engineers can interpret.

The hpsysdrv.exe process is a valid and safe process that should be kept running in order for the mentioned tasks and capabilities that it performs to be always running ready whenever needed to run. The hpsysdrv.exe process is also especially critical and important in the first initial boot up and in the first few weeks after purchase and setup. On the very first initial setup of a Hewlett Packard machine, the computer system goes through a 30minute initialization process where the hpsysdrv.exe is required to run, this initialization process is critical as this is the time that the system is configured and all the required softwares and programs are initially installed.

Author: Hewlett-Packard Company.

Author URL:

Part Of: Hewlett-Packard Monitoring Tool

Memory Usage: Low. The hpsysdrv.exe is relatively low which is between 80kb to 800kb only.

System Process: Yes

Application: No

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: c:\windows\system\hpsysdrv.exe

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