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What is dd.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process dd.exe is related with the program called Dialer Detect by the FSG Freezing Software Group. The FSG Freezing Software Group is a company originating from the Netherlands. This means that the program Direct Dialer is available in two languages -- Dutch and English. The process dd.exe varies in file size, the most common occurrences being around 29 kb to 32 kb. Being small in size, it means the process dd.exe also does not eat up a lot of your system's memory. The program Dialer Detect is available for free download in the official web site. The program housing the file dd.exe is still in its beta stages, with version 1.2 being the program's latest release. A version 1.3.1 will be available soon with projected tweaks and changes.

The main functionality of the program, Dialer Detect, is to monitor and stop dialers from making unauthorized calls using your connection. Every time a suspicious file installs itself in your system or every time a program tries to dial, you will be notified and given the choice between allowing the call or not. A pop-up window will appear every time anything suspicious happens, so you cannot use third party pop-up blockers or else the program housing the process dd.exe will not be able to work correctly.

Other than being able to curb and curtail malicious and unauthorized calls, the program housing the process dd.exe could also be used to monitor the changes in your computer. Every time there is a change in your system registry, you will be notified of it so you'd know if anything installs itself on your computer. You can also use one of its functionalities to disable some programs from running during the boot process as a replacement from using msconfig. There are currently no known problems relating to the process dd.exe. If you wish to make full use of its capabilities, leave it running during start-up.

Author: FSG Freezing Software Group.

Author URL:

Part Of: Dialer Detect

Memory Usage: Low, the process dd.exe only utilizes 300kb in memory.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C: \Program Files \Dialer Detect \

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