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What is daemon.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The program file daemon.exe is the process that gives support to the pointer stick on the ThinkPad laptops of IBM, instead of having the usual mouse. This file daemon.exe is responsible for making the scroll button of the pointer stick function properly. The file process daemon.exe is also synonymous to the Virtual Daemon Manager or the PixVue Daemon.

This process was seen associated with several software such as Daemon Tools, arniWorx awxdTools, or King Kong by Peter Jackson which were found to be created by several authors including VeNoM386 and SwENSkE, Daemon's Home, DT Soft Ltd, Daemon.S Home and PixVue.Com. The location of the file process daemon.exe is at a subfolder of Program Files, under the folder D-Tools.

The daemon.exe file process has been seen with several file sizes, all on the operating system Windows XP. On almost half of the occurrences, this process was seen to have 82 kilobytes. Other file sizes range from as low as 35 kilobytes to as high as 166 kilobytes. An icon is created for this process file daemon.exe which is found beside the clock on the Windows taskbar. This program file daemon.exe does not appear to be a background process since a visible window was created and exhibited while the program was running in the computer. This file daemon.exe is not considered to be a system process by Windows. In fact, the process daemon.exe is considered to be an application.

This process file daemon.exe is recognized to be a safe and acceptable program to have running in the computer, it also being a signed file of Microsoft and has the certification of a reliable company. Different files have been seen with the same file name as the process daemon.exe such as Daemon tools-1033 which is also known as Daemon Tools and is also a good process that is used to copy the file of an image to a CD or DVD drive that virtually exists. This process also exists with the process name TrackpointSrv, which also has the same function and origin as the process name daemon.exe.

Author: D-Tools.

Author URL:

Part Of: Daemon tools for IBM

Memory Usage: Low, using about 30 kilobytes of memory, since it controls the pointer stick of the IBM Thinkpad laptop.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: Yes, it is related to the pointer stick of the IBM Thinkpad laptop

Common Path: C:\Program Files\D-tools\Daemon.exe

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