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What is cliptrakker.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process cliptrakker .exe is also known by the name, Clip Trakker. The process file cliptrakker.exe extends your clipboard, giving you easy access to cut and copied items. The cliptrakker.exe program file launches the Clip Trakker software and the program enables the user to store a history of items that has been copied to the Windows based clipboard. The items are presented as thumbnail images in the history so that the user can view these images as snapshots. The images can also be classified and available in tabbed pages for easy access.

Aside from text and graphic files, it can also create snapshots from Explorer or other browsers. Cliptrakker can also understand and store COM, OLE and ActiveX files. It is also a useful editing tool, you can view and edit your text and text snapshots on the Clip Trakker, functioning like a scratch pad.

The cliptrakker.exe program is also available on your system tray. It sits on your system tray quietly while remembering everything that you have cut or copied. It is found as an icon on your system tray unless you click it on press the hotkey.

The author of the cliptrakker.exe filename is Silicon Praire Software. The cliptrakker.exe process runs on a Windows Platform to execute the Cliptrakker Software. The Clip Trakker Software is available for download in or in other shareware sites for a free trial period and after that for a minimal fee. It is easy to use for first-time users as the Clip trakker has an interactive guide. Hotkey combination alterations, autohide behaviors, adjustment of number and size of clipboard images stored in the history and the other configuration options can be altered by the advanced user.

The cliptrakker.exe file is a safe process and should not be removed or altered to perform its functions fully. However, it is always good to have an updated anti-malware program to scan your system from time to time. It is to also ensure that your PC is fine-tuned and performing at its peak.

The location of the cliptrakker.exe file is in C:/Program Files/ClipTrakker/clipTrakker.exe. The cliptrakker.exe process uses around 80 - 800 KB of memory.

Author: Silicon Praire Software.

Author URL:

Part Of: : Clip Trakker Software

Memory Usage: Low. The cliptrakker.exe uses memory resources at aorund 80 - 800 KB.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No.

Common Path: C:\Program Files\ClipTrakker\cliptrakker.exe

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