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What is cleanup.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The cleanup.exe process is the installation component of an Internet clean-up program called Complete Cleanup. The cleanup.exe program file installs the said program and removes files that are created while you are using the Internet. It also safely removes browser tracks and also conducts system cleanups. The cleanup.exe program file runs on all Windows platforms. The program housing the cleanup.exe process is a complete solution software that enables users to delete history files, cookies, cache files, java applets, Active X controls, url locations and various unwanted files or garbage. It also works with any version of Netscape, AOL, Mozilla and Internet Explorer browsers. It can also delete and clean up non-Internet files in your temp directory. It protects user privacy as deleted files are permanently deleted and those that cannot be recovered. It frees up your disk space, thus keeping your system at its optimum performance. It also has a feature that displays file statistics - keeping you informed of what has been cleaned. Another feature is that it can also do personalized cleanups and you can choose cookies that you want to keep.

The application Complete Cleanup is available online and can be downloaded from the developer's website: After downloading and subsequently installing the cleanup.exe process, right-click on the Complete Clean up icon found on the Start Menu> Programs list, choose the "Send to" option, and then click the option "Desktop" so that a short cut is created on your desktop for quick access to the Complete Cleanup Software. When performing cleanup operations, just allow the program to do its tasks. It usually takes several minutes when it is conducting cleanups on your system, especially if you have been doing a lot of surfing or if the volume of files to be deleted is large.

The cleanup.exe file is a safe process and does not pose a security threat to your computer. In fact, the program helps in keeping your privacy secure since it deletes user id and password information as well as your Internet-browsing activities. The cleanup.exe process has no default file location, mainly because it is an installation file and can be placed in a user-specified folder. The file cleanup.exe uses 871KB of RAM resources when conducting cleanups. The process cleanup.exe should be left running especially if the program hosting it is being used.

Author: SoftDD Software.

Author URL:

Part Of: Complete Cleanup Software

Memory Usage: Low. The cleanup.exe uses only 871KB worth of RAM resources when running.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: Yes

Uses Internet: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: There is no default file location for the cleanup.exe file as this is the installation process for the Complete Cleanup application. It can be placed in any folder that you want, or you can run a search in your system to locate the file.

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