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What is cleaner.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The process cleaner.exe is a process that belongs to an anti-malware program called The Cleaner. The cleaner.exe process is from MooSoft. Originally developed to combat Back Orifice Trojans, The Cleaner has since become well-known anti-Trojan software.

All authentic files such as the process cleaner.exe can be used by malware and copied so it can infiltrate the user's unsuspecting system. You can check if your copy of the process cleaner.exe is genuine by identifying irregular memory usage. One way of verifying the cleaner.exe file's authenticity is its location. Usually, the cleaner.exe application is loaded onto the C:/Program Files folder. Though not a Windows core file, the cleaner.exe application is harmless and helps the program The Cleaner in functioning properly.

As an on demand Trojan scanner, The Cleaner has two monitors: TCActive and TCMonitor. The function of TCActive is to catch Trojans. It serves as a watchdog for Trojans and quietly waits in the background. When a Trojan is detected, TCAtive will offer solutions to get rid of the Trojan.

The second monitor of The Cleaner is called TCMonitor. This is another background process. What it does is check changes in the registry keys and files of your system. When a file or registry key is changed in anyway, TCMonitor will alert the user and will give an option to either edit the file or leave it alone. The presence of two monitors makes The Cleaner a very effective anti-Trojan tool. The Cleaner is also equipped with a stealth mode to make it difficult for Trojans to detect the program and pull it down.

The Cleaner which houses the file cleaner.exe provides options to either be used to scan particular files or the whole hard drive. It also has the ability tom scan hidden files. With a straightforward menu, The Cleaner is easy to install and easy to use. Updating is also easy since it automatically searches for updates. If ever you find yourself stuck, The Cleaner has a help portion that will provide answers to your questions.

Removal of the process cleaner.exe is not advised as it may impede on the proper functioning of the program housing it. Also, termination of the file cleaner.exe is not recommended, particularly if The Cleaner is running.

Author: MooSoft.

Author URL:

Part Of: The Cleaner

Memory Usage: Low. The process cjstlst.exe uses 351584 bytes worth of RAM resources.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: Yes

Uses Internet: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Program Files

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