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What is ac.exe?


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Windows Process Description:

The ac.exe process launches Moleculesoft's Cache, Cookie and Windows Cleaner program. The ac.exe application enables the user to manually and constantly clean as well as supervise the optimization of space in his or her computer.

The available version for the ac.exe process is 1.0.780.0. The actual file size of the ac.exe process is 207 KB. The ac.exe program used to be on sale for $29. However, its creators, Moleculesoft, are no longer supporting the ac.exe application.

The application is currently being distributed as shareware. The ac.exe process can be downloaded from ZDNet and The author has provided the serial key 02270062 to unlock the program. Though the author no longer accepts payments for the ac.exe process he has created, he extols users who feel the need to donate to Amnesty International and Red Cross as payment for the Moleculesoft cache, Cookie and Windows Cleaner.

The ac.exe process enables the user to clear unnecessary and obsolete files and windows from the computer's hard drive. There are several configuration options the user can use to personalize the use of the Cache, cookie and Windows Cleaner.

The ac.exe program also allows the user to schedule cleaning of cached objects and archived material. Hard disk space is freed up and internet connection is maximized with the use of the ac.exe application. It is able to remove stored data under Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera, making the ac.exe process a very useful tool in maximizing the computer's memory and removing unnecessary files. I

It enables manual and automatic cleanup. The process also allows you with privacy protection by letting you quickly minimize windows and hide them from passers by. The program also generates a chart of activity that summarizes the space cleaned and the size gained. Due to good reviews, the software is still being used by 40,000 plus users, most of whom are making the most of its recent transition from software for retail to shareware.

Author: Moleculesoft.

Author URL: N/A

Part Of: Moleculesoft Cache, Cookie & Windows Cleaner Ver. 7 OL Fast Start

Memory Usage: Low. The ac.exe file uses roughly 120KB of RAM.

System Process: No

Application: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Uses Internet: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\Windows

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